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Guarantee service

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Guarantee  is provided by producer of bitumen tiles UAB „Mida LT“, domiciled at the address:  Gamyklos str. 19, Gargždai, Lithuania, herein further referred  to as the Producer. Guarantee is provided for UAB „Mida LT“ products bought by the first-tier  distributors or Buyers (Final users).

The guarantee is valid only if the period from purchase of bitumen tiles by the final user and installation works does not exceed 12 months.  Having installed the bitumen tiles on the roof, the Buyer (Final user) has to fill-in a guarantee  card,  where the date of performance of roofing works shall be indicated. The guarantee period and the lifespan guarantee period shall be calculated from the above date.

The Producer  undertakes to replace  100 % of  defective bitumen tiles and to  indemnify reasonable expenses of their  re-installation during the period of guarantee coverage, if  any defects of bitumen tiles affecting the quality of the roofing are disclosed during the specified period depending on the class of bitumen tiles (acc. to Table 1). The Producer will not indemnify for an extra layer of hydro insulation,  metal-ware, hydroinsulation,  tile removal and disposal, and possible damage to interior of the building as well as  property inside the building.

During the period from  expiry of the guarantee period  until expiry of lifespan guarantee  the Producer  undertakes to supply  bitumen tiles for replacement or to  indemnify  expenses related with purchase  of new tiles if any defects of bitumen tiles resulting in roof leaking are disclosed during the above period.. Amount of compensation will be calculated acc. to extent of tear and wear of bitumen tiles. The expenses of re-installation of tiles shall not be indemnified.

The guarantee
shall cover only manufacturing defects in material and quality of bituminous tiles due to the Producer‘s fault. The guarantee shall not extend to any damage resulting from the following:

  • Loss incurred due to natural calamities, natural, ecological or other anomalies and  Force Majeure circumstances ;
  • Inappropriate transportation  (except deliveries of the producers goods to the First-tier distributors under DAP delivery terms), storage or misuse of bitumen tiles;
  • Installation of bitumen tiles in violation of „Instruction for installation of bitumen tiles“, also in  case of improper installation of ventilation , vapour insulation and heating of the roof;
  • Damage  to roofing  due to unqualified performance of maintenance and repair works  of the roof;
  • Defects in building structure and  base of the roof;  mistakes  in design;
  • Changes in colour shade  of bitumen shingles due to exposure to the external factors:   rain, snow  containing aggressive chemicals,  activity of biological organisms, etc.

   Table 1. Producer guarantee

  Lifetime period  
  Warranty period 
60 years
15 years
55 years
15 years
JAZZ 50 years 15 years
COUNTRY 35 years 15 years
RANCHO 20 years 15 years
ULTRA 25 years 15 years
CLASSIC 15 years 10 years
STANDARD 10 years 5 years


1. Having detected an alleged manufacturing defect, contact the Producer‘s Service Centre by e-mail: service@mida.lt

2.  Your claim will be registered and  you will be given a reference number of guarantee service when you provide the following information:

  • Filled-in guarantee  card;
  • Filler-in form of the house owner notice;
  • Document in evidence of purchase of MIDA LT bitumen tiles;
  • Colour digital photographs that would clearly show the alleged defect, general view of the building and surroundings, roof structure, structural elements of the roof.

3. The Service Centre specialists may ask for additional information or samples of bitumen tiles  for examination purposes. Having failed to submit the requested information within  30 days, it would be deemed that the customer had no claims anymore and the claim would be cancelled. The customer shall be given a written notice about this decision.

4.  The house owner must ensure access to the product referred to in the claim and to the roof where such a product is installed  for  MIDA LT Service Centre representatives and to allow them to make necessary measurement and  to take photographs. 

5. MIDA LT  Service Centre  will examine your claim and will give an answer within 10 working days as of registration of the claim.

MIDA LT Service Centre

Gamyklos str. 19, LT-96155 Gargždai, Lithuania
Tel.  +370 656 90810,
Fax. +370 46455167,
E-mail: service@mida.lt


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