About us


MIDA company has the only factory in the Baltic States that produces bitumen and polymer bitumen coatings for roofs and building waterproofing.

We also produce flexible tiles in various colors, modifications, thickness and geometric shapes. We also accept orders for the production of self-adhesive roll coverings for both pitched and flat roofs. We are one of the market leaders in the world in this segment.


We use the latest scientific achievements to create buildings that meet the requirements of the future.


We offer interconnectable products to provide a single solution for improving the efficiency of the entire building.

highest quality

We provide an intelligent approach, as the highest quality standards are implemented in all processes.


We take care of the possibilities to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible.

Our values


A motivated and experienced team of professionals. The company's internal culture – a cozy atmosphere at work, mutual respect in communication and trust in the team.


Are the focus of any activity.


Efficient, reliable, financially beneficial and environmentally friendly.

Socially responsible approach

We are constantly looking for solutions to become as environmentally friendly as possible, and help local society. For example, we recycle material waste, support future architects since many years, invest in factory equipment to increase productivity and ensure a greener production process.

To become an unconditional leader

We hope to achieve the set objectives by taking into account the needs of our customers, promoting the efficient work of highly qualified specialists, implementing the latest technologies and systematically developing the company.

  • Install any roof in the shortest possible time
  • High quality that meets your needs
  • Not overpay for unnecessary features
Technical support

Technical consultations regarding the selection of products, projects and construction solutions. Preparation and acceptance of technical documentation – declarations of the most important characteristics, data sheets, safety data sheets, product project specifications (DOP, TDS, SDS, PDS), etc. Practical workshops and seminars, master classes and supervision at objects. Handling complaints and finding the best solution. Warranty and realization of warranty obligations regarding materials and construction solutions.

Online Services

Online tools for technical support

Online resources for product ordering and claims processing.

Choosing construction solutions online. A variety of materials and documentation, promotional materials, guides and presentations are available.

If you have any questions let us know

Do you have any questions? Write and our specialists will answer you.